As products of the natural environment, each of our baroque and keshi freshwater pearls is uniquely formed and will vary in respect of colour, shape, and identifying marks and inclusions. Likewise, the hand-crafted nature of our jewellery often results in singular differences between them. Although we endeavour to display all styles as accurately as possible, irregularities between pearls and findings is expected and considered a beautiful, tell-tale sign of the natural way with which each pearl is formed, and of our atelier studio design process. 


Gold plating is a method of encasing another metal with an extremely thin film of gold. Contrastingly, gold-filled metal is a mixed metal containing a higher ratio of gold than gold-plated metal. Gold-filled jewellery is also dipped in a thicker layer of gold and is consequently more valuable and hard-wearing than gold-plated pieces.


Our jewellery is crafted from 14 karat gold-filled metal containing approximately 100 percent more gold than is typically found in gold-plated jewellery. If appropriately cared for, our metals can remain untarnished much longer than gold-plated jewellery.

*Please note that some Limited Edition designs are not crafted entirely of 14-karat gold-filled metal. Please see individual item descriptions.