Since its conception in 2018, Monform has earned synonymity with modernity, understated luxury, and the sensitivity of the pared-back.

From what began as a small signature collection of freshwater pearl and 14k gold-fill pieces, Monform has evolved into a multi-faceted brand offering limited, premium collections of considered everyday pieces.

A conceptual approach to design, Monform's hallmark aesthetic translates to atelier-crafted, fine and demi-fine jewellery and artisanal lifestyle objects that showcase the most beautiful raw and natural materials.

Our design ethos draws inspiration from opposing yet harmonious elements - the traditional and modern; the directional and the wearable - best articulated through the balance between precise construction and accentuated irregularities between all hand-manipulated pieces to give each its own artisanal edge. 

All Monform jewellery is meticulously hand-finished in our studio in Australia. Conversely, Monform is also proud to support artisans from all over the world by sourcing and producing limited lifestyle pieces that celebrate and preserve time-old techniques and craftsmanship.




As its name suggests, the Rêverie collection contains references to the realm of dreams.

The association between pearls and the surreal is an ancient one. Naturally formed baroque pearls in particular - each beautifully unique in its colouration and formation - possess a dream-like quality; an element of other-worldliness.

Yet, Rêverie is grounded in more than the ethereal beauty of its lustrous centrepieces. Inspiration for this collection was, among many things, drawn from the poignant writings of Olive Schreiner. Writings simply entitled, Dreams.

Still as relevant today as when they were penned in 1890, these writings - a collection of stories - use the power of dreams to depict woman as a quiet force seeking an independent destiny and coming into her own wisdom. 

It's the spirit of this woman that underpins the Rêverie collection, which we hope will cement the place of Monform Jewellery as belonging among thee most considered and the most treasured.